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Wake up, Geoff!

Debilitating division and disunity that have erupted in Labor’s ranks in the last 24 hours appear to contradict the agreement signed by Geoff Brock and Jay Weatherill to form a minority government.

In forming a minority government, Geoff Brock signed an agreement with Premier Weatherill and Labor to:

“…support stable and effective Government.”

The agreement also states that:

“The Government and the Independent Member agree that there is a justified concern in the community about the standards of parliamentary conduct.”

Labor Member of the Legislative Council and former President, John Gazzola, used his Address in Reply speech yesterday to label current President, Russell Wortley, a parasite and called on him to resign.

“Over the past 24 hours, we’ve seen anything but stable and effective government,” said Liberal Leader of the Legislative Council David Ridgway.

“We have also seen a serious level of division, disunity and dysfunction which is not consistent with community expectations.

“Mr Brock needs to wake up – he has signed an agreement with Labor for a stable and effective Government.

“How can this government be effective and stable when a Labor MP is calling on one of his own colleagues to resign?

“There’s no wriggle room for Labor in this one – the agreement clearly states that it’s an agreement to “support stable and effective Government”.

“Mr Brock must explain whether or not he believes the events of the past 24 hours constitutes a “stable and effective Government”.

“Instead of focusing on themselves, this Government should be focused on job creation, growing the economy and addressing serious issues affecting South Australians.

“The events of the last 24 hours demonstrate that this Labor Government under Jay Weatherill’s leadership cannot deliver stability.

“South Australians deserve better.”

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