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Minister refuses to explain 476% fee increase

The Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills, Gail Gago, has failed to explain why there has been a staggering 476% increase, from $1595.90 to $7600, in the cost of studying a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing within a 12 month period.
“I’m appalled that Minister Gago is unconcerned about a $6000 increase in annual fees for a qualification as important as veterinary nursing,” said State Liberal Leader in the Legislative Council, David Ridgway.
Minister Gago conceded in Parliament that she was;

 “…made aware of the fee structures that were being put in place, but [she] was not consulted about that…”

“Yet Minister has done nothing about this savage increase in the fees of a vital course being taught in the South Australian Government’s TAFE system.
“I want the Minister to explain why there has been this massive increase and why she taken no action on a 476% increase in the cost of a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.”
In what was an embarrassing moment for Minister Gago, she was unable to provide even basic details about TAFE SA’s fee structures.
Indeed Mr Ridgway was subjected to a barrage of insults after asking if the Minister had been briefed about this issue.
“The Minister’s response is another example of the arrogance and hostility this government exemplifies,” said Mr Ridgway.
“If the Minister can’t explain how fees could increase from $1595.90 to $7600 in one year then I think that’s a clear indication she doesn’t have a handle on her own Department.
“This is just another example of this Weatherill Government marginalising our state’s youth and agricultural sector.”

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