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Minister for Increasing the Cost of Living

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell has again highlighted just how ignorant the Weatherill Labor Government is about cost-of-living pressures and how difficult it is for businesses operating in a high-cost jurisdiction.

“The Tourism Minister’s suggestion that restaurants and cafes should slug customers an additional 10 per cent for food and drinks shows how far out of touch the Minister is with the struggles of ordinary South Australians,” said Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway.

“Only a lazy, arrogant Labor Government would think struggling South Australian families would be happy to pay more for a toasted sandwich and a cup of coffee on top of the already substantial cost of going to the football.

“Rather than wanting already pressed families to fork out even more money on a day out, the Weatherill Government needs to reduce the tax burden it imposes on those small businesses.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to reform its punitive tax regime if it wants to see more small businesses trading in the city on match days at Adelaide Oval.

“Reducing the burden of payroll tax and land tax on small businesses and easing the exorbitant WorkCover levy would create greater incentive for cafes, restaurants and bars to open their doors on the weekend,” Mr Ridgway said.

A recent KPMG Report comparing the international cost of doing business has confirmed that South Australia is a high-cost jurisdiction under Premier Weatherill and Labor.

The 2014 Competitive Alternatives Report reveals that out of 131 cities surveyed found that Adelaide was ranked as the 2nd most expensive city in the world in its population bracket.

It also found that only 21 cities in the world were more expensive for doing business than Adelaide.

“In 2004, Adelaide was the 10th lowest cost city – in 2014, we are the 110th lowest cost city and that is strangling small businesses operating throughout the CBD,” said Mr Ridgway.

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