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Lies, damned lies and statistics

Embattled Tourism Minister Leon Bignell’s decision to quote statistics from Tourism Research Australia amounts to a classic backflip with a double twist.

Just a fortnight ago Minister Bignell dismissed the accuracy of Tourism Research Australia statistics after they showed a disappointing fall in the number of international tourists visiting South Australia.

Tourism Minister, Leon Bignell, says he’s written to the Federal Government questioning the accuracy of the survey process:

(891ABC 12noon & 639ABC 12noon) “Something went wrong with the way they did the stats a few months ago and then they had some sort of blip” (2nd September 2015)

“The fact Minister Bignell has quoted Tourism Research Australia statistics having previously questioned their accuracy further undermines the Minister’s credibility,” said Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway.

“It shows Minister Bignell was embarrassed by the fact he spent $150,000 on overseas travel whilst South Australia’s international tourist performance went backwards.

“I welcome the fact that domestic tourism into South Australia has improved in the past 12 months and its fine for the Minister to come out strongly on positive numbers.

“But statistics cut both ways.

“Minister Bignell can’t use Tourism Research Australia’s visitor survey numbers as evidence when they are favourable and then attack them when they’re not.

“He needs to explain why this Government is failing to sell South Australian tourism to the world.

“Minister Bignell’s actions are disappointing on two fronts. Firstly, his failure to sell South Australia to the world despite spending $150,000 in overseas travel. Secondly, his lack of respect for the work of Tourism Research Australia.”

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