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Leaked document shows ALP agribusiness plan a political stunt

The embattled Weatherill Government’s plan to promote SA’s food and wine overseas is an election stunt cobbled together without consultation, according to documents leaked to the Opposition.

Cabinet documents now in the hands of Shadow Primary Industries Minister David Ridgway show the plan was concocted so hastily that senior stakeholders, interest groups, food producers and exporters were not involved.

“This plan was conceived in the minds of ALP election strategists for a quick headline, not for long-term results,” Mr Ridgway said.

“The Cabinet document makes it clear.

“It says that ‘due to time constraints in developing this (Cabinet) submission, broad scale consultation has not occurred at this stage’.

“And in a further damning indictment, the Cabinet submission admits that due to the time constraints Cabinet Office could not confirm what the regulatory impacts would be, and even the Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy hasn’t been consulted.

“This is a Labor gimmick, not a solid plan to build the State’s food and wine exports,” Mr Ridgway said.

The cabinet document also notes that average annual broad acre productivity growth had stalled in South Australia.

“Labor has mainly ignored the food sector, and when it has interfered it has either wasted taxpayers’ money or bungled the result,” Mr Ridgway said.

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