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Premier Weatherill has been forced into an embarrassing public row with Tourism Minister Bignell that highlights the bitter division and disunity plaguing the Labor Government.

Minister Bignell told reporters that the Adelaide Festival of Arts would change its start date from 2015 so it no longer started on the same weekend as the Clipsal V8 Supercars race.

Mr Bignell argued that the Clipsal race was unable to move due to the restrictions of the international motor racing schedule.

Mr Bignell said:

"Next year will probably be the last one where the Festival of Arts actually starts on the same weekend as Clipsal, so we're working together because of the long lead time that arts have in bringing people to South Australia for the very important Festival of Arts.”

( 14/11/13)

Clearly Minister Bignell did not consult with Premier Weatherill who later said:

"There will be no change in the timing of the Adelaide Festival…the Government has rejected the idea."

( 14/11/13)

“This is indicative of the division and disunity rife within the Labor Government on Premier Weatherill’s watch,” said Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway.

“Premier Weatherill’s leadership is being weakened by an orchestrated campaign of damaging leaks and public defiance.

“How can South Australians be confident that the Weatherill Labor Government is able to properly administer these important events if they cannot even govern themselves?

“South Australians deserve a united government with the right priorities focused on getting our state back on track.”

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