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Labor division on racist Habib flyer

Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, Gail Gago, has dismissed the distribution of a racist flyer against Liberal candidate for Elder, Carolyn Habib, during the State Election campaign as “sour grapes”.

When questioned yesterday in Parliament about whether or not this type of material was acceptable and would be seen again in future Labor Party campaigns, Minister Gago responded:

“This is just an act of sour grapes.” (Hansard, 06/05/14)

“This is a disgraceful response from the third most senior Weatherill Labor Government Minister,” said State Liberal Leader in the Legislative Council David Ridgway.

Minister Gago’s Federal Labor colleague, Ed Husic, has even complained to his South Australian Labor colleagues about the flyer and wanted the flyer examined in the post-election review stating:

“I think we should say to Carolyn Habib that this was a bad pamphlet, that there should be an apology extended to her.” (891ABC, 17/03/14)

“There are clearly different opinions within the Labor Party about the distribution of this flyer,” said Mr Ridgway. 

“However, the reality is that there is no place for racism in SA politics – in fact, there’s no place for racism in Australia.

“Many people have fought hard against racism in the community – and here in South Australia, we have ministers, such as Gail Gago, endorsing it.”

Earlier this year, Mr Weatherill said:

“I think we need to do a lot to do about renovating our democracy. I think people have lost a bit of faith in politics and politicians.” (Channel 9, 09/02/14)

“If Mr Weatherill is serious about restoring faith in politics and politicians, then he must apologise on behalf of the Labor Party for the distribution of this disgraceful flyer during the election campaign and censure Minister Gago for her disgraceful comments,” said Mr Ridgway. 

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