Hon Kenneth Trevor Grififn

The Hon. D.W. RIDGWAY (Leader of the Opposition) ( 14:21 :56 ): I rise to second the motion and endorse the comments made by the Leader of the Government and add a few comments of my own. First, I would like to extend my condolences to Trevor's wife, his two sons and all of his family through what must be a very difficult time.

The Hon. Kenneth Trevor Griffin had an enviable and distinguished parliamentary career. After being elected to this place in 1978, Trevor was re-elected three times, serving over two decades. He served as a minister, as a leader of the government in this place and in the shadow ministry. Prior to his entering politics, Trevor studied for a Bachelor of Laws and even obtained a Master of Laws from the Adelaide University. He went on to practise as a barrister and solicitor for some years before being elected to the Legislative Council.

In light of Trevor's legal background, it was appropriate that soon after his election in 1979 he was appointed as South Australia's Attorney-General. It was in his capacity as Attorney-General that Trevor was able to accomplish many great feats. Trevor's passion for the law saw him invoke much change throughout his time as South Australia's attorney. I do not think time will permit me to stand here and list all of the legislation that Trevor influenced or, in some way, may have changed for the better.

Perhaps some of Trevor's more notable achievements included ensuring the passage of the Roxby Downs Indenture Bill, the Pitjantjatjara Lands Rights legislation, the court redevelopment which led to the creation of the Sir Samuel Way building, and his work introducing, as the Leader of the Government mentioned, the Domestic Violence Act, just to name a few.

Trevor's distinguished and successful parliamentary career was a great achievement. However, it is something else to gain the respect and trust of your peers, even your adversaries, and Trevor did just that. Trevor was praised as a splendid parliamentary performer by the current Speaker in the other place, a former attorney-general himself and the member for Croydon. It is a testament to Trevor's character and aptitude to win the respect and admiration of his counterpart. I found a little quote from the member for Croydon in an old newspaper article which was celebrating Trevor's 20-year milestone in parliament and all of his achievements. Quite fittingly, the article was entitled 'The Quiet Achiever'.

I personally did not know Trevor as well as some of my colleagues, who will speak on this motion in just a moment, however, I do recall an evening lining up to sign in at our Liberal Party State Council meeting. It was a cold winter's night and we were all a bit annoyed that we had to be out on this night. Trevor was in the queue in front of me and I said, 'This is the sort of night I'd much rather be home with a glass of red watching the Crows or the footy on telly.' He said, 'Oh, no, I'd much rather be home with a good murder mystery and a cup of tea.' It was quite interesting that his appreciation of a good evening was a cup of tea and a good book, and mine was watching the footy with a glass of red.

However, after politics Trevor continued to live an enviable life. Trevor retired from politics in 2002 and, on moving to the family farm in Kuitpo, he ran a vineyard. I am not sure he moved there, but certainly he enjoyed a lot of time down at Kuitpo. This property has been in the Griffin family for over 40 years. Trevor used it as an oasis, his own private getaway where he could relax and escape the hustle and bustle of politics. It was a fitting setting for his retirement and life after politics.

The legislation Trevor influenced throughout his time as attorney-general has affected every South Australian in some way, whether they are aware of it or not. All South Australians have much to thank the Hon. Trevor Griffin for. It is with these comments that I endorse the motion before the house and send my sincere condolences once again to the entire Griffin family.

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