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Enhanced biosecurity for SA with Liberal Govt

A Liberal Government will better protect South Australia against the ravages of fruit fly outbreaks, Shadow Primary Industries Minister David Ridgway said today.

"Considering the value of our primary industries, we must be prudent in protecting them," Mr Ridgway said.

"A severe biosecurity threat has the potential to bring these industries to their knees. Without sensible defences, our economy is exposed to potentially disastrous threats.

"South Australia needs to maintain its fruit fly free status so producers can access vital export markets.

"Individuals, businesses and communities across the State want a commitment from government to continue providing adequate resources to keep the state fruit fly free and in the unlikely event of an outbreak, make available all resources to contain and eradicate the pest."

Mr Ridgway said that a Marshall Liberal Government will:

Commit $125 000 per annum over four years* in additional fruit fly program funding, boost public education, increase fruit fly measures and enhance border protection, and work with industry to establish Mypolonga as a fruit fly exclusion zone.

Work collaboratively with industry to help with the control of fruit fly and potential threats and review the $5 million fruit fly program to ensure it meets the State's needs in view of the increased risk.

Support the establishment of a facility to develop male-only sterile Queensland fruit flies.

Commit to 24/7 staffing of permanent quarantine stations at Yamba and Ceduna.

Continue to establish industry group partnerships in order to implement the National Fruit Fly Strategy, with particular focus on the Sterile Insect Technique.

Note : A Liberal Party media release issued today stated the fruit fly protection program was $500,000 per annum - that should read $500,000 over four years.

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