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The Weatherill Labor Government must finally come clean and declare how much taxpayer money it used to lure shamed drug cheat Lance Armstrong to compete in the Tour Down Under.

Premier Weatherill’s Government has resisted calls for transparency regarding payments to the disgraced former cycling star arguing that details of the deal were ‘commercial in confidence.’

Until today the Weatherill Labor Government had argued that releasing the detail of such
agreements would put South Australia at a commercial disadvantage in attracting high profile international stars to the state.

Mr Weatherill signaled a radical departure from that position today as he was forced to defend spending at least $450,000 to entice the Rolling Stones to South Australia.

(Weatherill press release 20/11/13)
“Backed into a corner, Premier Weatherill was forced to divulge sensitive detail about the deal as he fought against criticism of his decision,” said Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway.

“Either printing the taxpayer contribution to lure the Rolling Stones to Adelaide in a press release was a gaffe, or, Mr Weatherill is now admitting that the secretive ‘commercial in confidence’ defense was a ruse.

“Following today’s trepid foray into transparency, Mr Weatherill must now fully divulge the deal designed to get Lance Armstrong to South Australia.

“South Australians deserve to know how much and on what their money is being spent – it shouldn’t be left to the discretion of a Labor Government more interested in looking after its own interests.

“South Australians deserve a Government with the right priorities to get our state back on track.”

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