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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Tensions within the Labor Party have surfaced on the just the second day of sitting in the new Parliament.

Former Legislative Council President John Gazzola chose to publicly distance himself from his erstwhile parliamentary colleagues following his demotion from the top job in the Upper House.

When Labor Party parliamentarians gathered for the traditional post-election group photo on the steps of Parliament House this morning Mr Gazzola was not amongst them.

Shortly after the Member for Elder Annabel Digance delivered her inaugural speech to a Chamber in which Ministers Rankine, Bignell and Close, all senior members of the Labor Left, were conspicuously absent.

"Given the shabby treatment Mr Gazzola has received from the Labor Party factions I can understand why he is less than keen to continue to rub shoulders with them," said State Liberal Leader in the Legislative Council David Ridgway.

"Mr Gazzola was clearly the better candidate for the position of President of the Legislative Council but was forced from the position of because the Labor Right control the numbers in party.

"This is a good time for Mr Gazzola to reconsider his pledge to blindly follow all Labor Party policy no matter how repugnant it may be to him personally.

"Whilst the Labor Party demands total loyalty from Mr Gazzola it shows no loyalty in return.

"I also fully understand why Ministers Rankine, Bignell and Close would not want to endorse the Labor Party’s campaign for the seat of Elder.

"In what will be a source of ongoing shame for many members of the Labor Party the campaign to win the seat of Elder stooped to terrible lows.

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