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1.3 Billion reasons Labor has failed SA's tourism industry

The Weatherill Labor Government’s own Tourism Plan is conceding that it will fall $1.3 billion short of its 2020 target.

In 2009, Labor committed to growing the South Australian tourism industry to $8 billion by 2020.

However, an updated Tourism Plan released last week concedes that this $8 billion target will not be achieved:

"If we as an industry hold our current market share across all markets, visitor expenditure will grow to $6.7b by 2020."

However, the Plan also concedes that:

"…holding share is not a given and requires ongoing efforts."

But apparently, the Tourism Minister is oblivious to the details of his own Tourism Plan.

In a recent press release, Minister Bignell said:

"Achieving our goal of a tourism industry worth $8 billion by 2020 will generate a further 10,000 jobs across our regions." (Press Release, 24/07/2014)

"It’s incredible that Minister Bignell is quoting a target that his own Tourism Plan has acknowledged won’t be reached," said Shadow Tourism Minister David Ridgway.

"The Weatherill Labor Government is deluded if it thinks that SA’s tourism industry will grow by $2.9 billion from 2014 to 2020 despite growing by only $600 million since 2009.

"South Australia has so much to offer tourists, but as these figures clearly illustrate, the Weatherill Labor Government is not capable of helping the tourism industry reach its potential.

"In fact, there are 1.3 billion reasons why Labor has failed South Australia’s tourism industry.

"After 12 years of Labor, South Australians deserve better."

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